The Jew-harp 

Maultrommel Maultrommel mit Klötzchen Maultrommel


The Jew's harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world.

The Thuringian Forest is in the middle of Germany.

A low mountain range with mountains up to 1000 m high.

Iron ore has been mined here since the Middle Ages and processed into many everyday objects,

among other things to Jew's harps.

Working in the Zella-Mehlis local museum had also found a few old jew harps.

My father exhibited two of them in the museum, but didn't write anything about them.

Later a folklorist and good friend of the family, Ernst Stahl, came and remarked:

"Oh, you have Jew's harps too ?!"

After that my father took the jaw harps out of the showcase and tried to play them.

Unfortunately they were of poor quality and could not be used for making music.

Through perseverance and many attempts, he has succeeded in producing high quality jew harps.

Gradually, other keys and accessories were added.

Our jaw harps are characterized by the highest sound quality, high volume and precise mood.

All of our jaw harps are made by hand.

This enables use in all types of music.

Since 1973, Jew's harps have been manufactured in Zella-Mehlis and tuned exactly.

The bracket is made of nickel silver, the spring made of high quality steel.

Jew's harps are now manufactured in:

Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Yakutia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan, India, Philippines, USA

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