The bagpipe microphone



Gone are the days when a bagpipe with pickups looked like a harness.

Finally, movement on the stage and in the Studio, with good sound.


one microphone for the chanter and all Bordunen.


bagpipe micro


 No matter whether, whether medieval sack, Jock or Hümmelchen, it is 1, 2 or 3 Bordunen for all types of bagpipes suitable.

The microphone is attached through a small hole in the inside of the delay a.

bagpipe micro


As a result, the inflation and game sounds are extremely small in contrast to a contact or bodysound microphone.

The microphone is waterproof and resistant to pressure.

The connection of the cable via a 2 mm flat connector and is therefore hardly noticeable:


Battery module (without battery 1 .5V AA Mignon) 20,00 EUR bagpipe micro
10 m connection cable 10,00 EUR bagpipe micro
Jack aluminium 30,00 EUR bagpipe micro
Plug-in microphone 160,00 EUR bagpipe micro
Dummy (to seal or Exchange) 10,00 EUR bagpipe micro
Lock nut (in the bagpipe) 10,00 EUR bagpipe micro



The battery module has an output with a 6.3 mm mono jack plug.

It can be used on all mic inputs.

Including cable and installation instructions:


The installation is carried out without dismantling the pipes of the game or Bordunen.

It is pressure-resistant and withstand game pressure can be heavier bagpipes without loss of sound.


One person plays the bagpipes and a second person lays her ear on the bagpipes and searches the place at the chanter and the Bordunen are roughly equal according to. This is usually on the neck of the bag.

The microphone is used then exactly at this point. As far as possible from the blowing tube removed to minimize the noise of inflation.

For this purpose, unscrewing the nut from the microphone and places them on the determined place.

With a ballpoint pen or felt-tip to paint the inner round shape of the mother on the leather now.

The circle should be 15 mm in diameter.

With a curved nail scissors to cut out the hole.

If we now the length of the hole, the nut fits through tight.

Attention, the mother hold firmly, so that it does not disappear into the depths of the delay a.

The socket (without microphone) stuck in the hole and tighten with the nut.

Keeping firmly the nut through the bag and turn the socket using a pair of pliers or similar, until the connector is firmly seated.

Press the microphone into the Jack.

It has slight indicative and can turn still be aligned.

Still a battery 1.5 V AA Mignon (not included in delivery) must be inserted in the power supply module. To do this unscrew the module.


240,00 EUR


Using a corresponding adapter, also a radio transmitter can be connected at the output of the cable.


I have done here-1 record with a 3-bordunigem bagpipes.


1.) Recording